Where can we meet this Hazard ?

Mechanical risks are applicable to all mechanical equipment belonging to or hired by CERN or the collaborating institutions, used or intended for use at CERN, and associated activities. This equipment shall comply with CERN safety rules for all the steps of its lifetime (Design, manufacture, Installation, Use maintenance and dismantling).

Hazard Description

Mechanical hazards are associated with installation and operation of mechanical equipment.

In particular, this applies to:

  • Lifting equipment
  • Pressure equipment
  • Metallic structures
  • Welding
  • HVAC

CERN Safety Rules

The CERN safety documents concerning mechanical risks are the following

SR-M : Mechanical equipment

GSI-M-1 : Lifting equipment and accessories

SSI-M-1-1: Slings and lifting chains

SSI-M-1-2: Cranes, bridges cranes, gantry cranes and power driven hoists

SSI-M-1-3: Non-fixed load-lifting accessories

SSI-M-1-4: Manually powered lifting equipment

SSI-M-1-5: Mobile elevating work platforms, suspended platforms, mast-climbing platforms and rail-dependent storage and retrieval equipment

SSI-M-1-6: Lifting tables, vehicle lifts and tail lifts

SSI-M-1-7: Forklift trucks

GSI-M-2 : Standard Pressure equipment

SSI-M-2-1: Pressure vessels

SSI-M-2-2: Simple pressure vessels

SSI-M-2-3: Safety accessories for standard pressure equipment

SSI-M-2-4: Metallic pressurised piping

SSI-M-2-5: Vacuum chambers and beam pipes

SSI-M-2-6: Transportable pressure equipment

IS42: Compressed gas bottles

The writing of guidelines for Metallic structures, welding and HVAC is under progress. For questions on requirements/standards for these topics please contact the EP Mechanical Safety Correspondent.