Ionising Radiation

Hazard Description 

CERN’s radiation protection policy stipulates that the exposure of persons to radiation and the radiological impact on the environment should be as low as reasonably achievable (the ALARA principle), and should comply with the regulations in force in the Host States and with the recommendations of competent international bodies. The following link gives a brief overview of the general principles of radiation protection legislation; explains radiological quantities and units, including some basic facts about radioactivity and the biological effects of radiation; and gives an overview of the classification of radiological areas at CERN: CERN Document

CERN Safety Rules

The CERN safety documents concerning the radiation hazard are the following:

Radiation Protection

Role of the Safety Officer

We provide information and support to the EP department personnel about the handling of radioactive sources, materials and about the work in CERN radiation areas (PS/SPS experimental areas, etc.)

Please find more detailed information on dosimetry, sources, waste treatment, instrumentation, shipping, radiography, calibration and analysis:

Training Courses

On the CERN Learning Hub, it is possible to increase the awareness of the radiation hazards by following the trainings:

  1. Radiation Protection - Awareness / Radioprotection – Sensibilisation
  2. Radiation Protection - Supervised Area / Radioprotection - Zone Surveillée
  3. Radiation Protection - Controlled Area – Initial
  4. Radiation Protection - Controlled Area - Refresher / Radioprotection - Zone contrôlée – Recyclage
  5. Radiation Protection Experts (RPEs) and Radiation Protection Support Officers (RSSO) dedicated courses (if interested, please contact the EP-RSO before enrolling to it)

More details about the training course to follow are available here:  Information on Radiation Protection Training


For further information about the radiation hazard, please contact: