Hazard Description

The electrical hazard is present everywhere at Cern with a large range of voltage and current.

The electrical installation or equipment shall comply with the CERN rules during its lifetime, whether for the installation or the materials used.

The figure below defines the hazards of an electrical accident.



CERN Safety Rules

The mission is based on the CERN Safety Policy and Safety Rules and more specifically to the following documents:

  • C1 - Electrical Safety Code EN FR
  • IS 24 - Regulations applicable to electrical installations EN FR
  • IS 23 - Criteria and Standard Test Methods for the Selection of Electric Cables and Wires with Respect to Fire Safety and Radiation Resistance EN FR
  • IS 48 - Fire prevention for cables, cable trays and conduits EN FR
  • Safety Guideline EL-0-0-1 - Installation of Safety lighting FR
  • IS 5 - Emergency stops EN

Role of the Electricity Safety Officer

For the EP Department, the Safety Office assists for all electrical safety matters, in particular for :

  • Small and Medium experiments.
  • Local Emergency Stop.
  • EP workshops.
  • EP buildings.

Training Courses

Depending on the voltage levels and the tasks to be performed, several trainings are available :



Electrical Safety Officer (ESO) : Gilles Maire